Ha fallado la conexin.


  • Cage and free-range supplement each other

    About 60% of laying hens in France are kept in enriched cages. However, the market for cage eggs is shrinking. This made Gwenael Carree want to expand his farm with a free-range poultry barn in 2017. ?My cooperation wants these eggs but can only get them if it also buys my cage eggs,? the French poultry farmer smiles.

  • Poultry charity aims to help 100 million people

    A new partnership between Cargill and Heifer International has pledged to improve the lives of 100 million people by 2030.

  • Consejo Internacional de Cerales. Informe Octubre 2012 (gmrsumms_20121025.pdf)

  • Informe de mercados UE pollo y huevos 24.10.2012 (eggs_broilers_20121024.pdf)

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